Tonight – Mail Server update/change!

Sent 2/27/2006



As previously announced we will be upgrading/replacing/consolidating our mail and web servers. This change is planned for late this evening (2/27/06) – sometime between the hours of 9pm – 11pm. During this period you will not have access to your email or website. There is also the possibility that the migration may take a bit longer. Therefore, if you are still unable to reach your mail after 11pm this may be the reason.

Test migrations have so far been without significant issue and we do not anticipate any problems with the transfer of the Websites or the Mail Servers. However, we are not as sure on the migration of FTP accounts. Since the vast majority of accounts on the servers do not have FTP access (if you even have to wonder if you have FTP access you don’t) this issue will be extremely limited in its impact. If you have had FTP access and suddenly find on Tuesday morning that you no longer do we will have to deal with it on a case by case basis.

At first planned on doing this migration over a weekend but decided that in the event of a problem not having access to your mail for a period of time in the middle part of the week would be better than starting the week off without access.

Once this initial mail server change has been successfully implemented we will begin tightening down some of the settings on the servers to require mail that you send through the server to be authenticated. This is a very easy step to implement in mail programs like Outlook, Outlook Express and Eudora. Before this additional step is implemented we will send out a notice with links to some webpages that document how to configure your mail client to conform to this new security settings.

As previously indicated those that use the web client you will see a HUGE change. For a preview of the new features that will be available on Tuesday take the demo tour:

Login with the address of “” and the password of “demo”

Once you login you can see that under settings you can select to compose your email in either plain text or HTML which will give you an editor similar to Microsoft Word so that you can underline, bold, change font size, etc…

Please make sure this notice gets passed around your office so that everyone is aware of the eminent changes.

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