Slight change to SPAM filters

We discovered that two of the SPAM Databases we have been using (although set to a low trust level) have become rather un-trustworthy. In isolation this would not present an issue but if taken in tandem could “could” result in a particular piece of email being falsely flagged as SPAM which if the score was high enough would then result in that email being blocked from delivery.

Those Databases have been removed from from our battery of tests.

Also we have stopped the server from adding the prefixes SPAM-Low and SPAM-Med from the subject line of suspect emails. The filters are doing a good enough job in identifying and stopping real SPAM that generally those flagged with the pre-fix might look “SPAMMY” but weren’t.

Checking the current stats:

  Last 5 min. Last hour Last 24 hours
Local 32 239 4404
Remote 4 75 2214
Total 36 314 6618

Incoming Spam      
  Last 5 min. Last hour Last 24 hours
Spam-Low 2 15 287
Spam-Med 1 10 138
Spam-High 9 60 1318
Blocked 23 313 9310

Last 5 min. Last hour Last 24 hours
Blocked 18 265 5557
Allowed 10 196 3231

So total stopped SPAM in the past 24 hours has been 16,185 pieces of mail with 4,404 pieces delivered to your in-boxes.

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